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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What type of parent are you?

Parents have a huge affect on their children, whether they are controlling and what their children to do what they want, or if they are so laid back and want to be the child's 'friend' that they don't teach or punish them. The best way to be a parent is when you are firm, but fair.

The three styles of parenting are:

  • Absolute set of standards
  • Discourages verbal give and take (Don’t talk back)
  • Do things the parent’s way or take the high way
  • Often control through punishment, manipulation, or rewards.
The father in the Little Mermaid and the mother in Tangled can be seen as authoritarian.
  • Gives children the greatest freedom
  • Imposes fewer rules and penalties
  • Makes few demands
  • Avoids asserting authority or imposing restriction
  • Allows children to regulate own behavior
The parents in Home Alone are examples of permissive parents because they don't demand Kevin to do anything.

  • Recognition of child’s and parents rights
  • Parent will negotiate
  • Parents believe the child deserves a say in matters that affect them
  • Child has say in rules and penalty’s
  • Parent looks at individual circumstances when making a decision
The parents in the Emperors New Groove are examples of Authoritative parents because they are firm but fair.

How parents treat their children affects them in the long run. Children who grow up in authoritative homes are less likely to be delinquent and are happier. To find out what kind of parent you are, go to: http://www.activeparenting.com/Parents-Parenting_Style_Quiz.

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