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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crossing the boundary.

Family: We are a whole family, but each person has a different relationship with each other.

This week in Family Relations, we were talking about boundaries. We compared relationship boundaries with backyards, and it made me think of my backyard in Oregon. At home we live next to a hill with a fence around our yard. We used to have a freezer in our backyard and sometimes when it would open, we would have a neighbor call and tell us that our freezer was open. It was nice for us to know that our freezer was open, but at the same time we didn't want them to look into our backyard. Over the years, my family has put up blinds around our patio and have planted a tree, to maintain a level of privacy.

Every person grows up in a different family. We also have different relationships within our family. As I think of the relationships that I have with some of my brothers, I can see how they vary between each other.

Although it is important to have good relationships with your children, I feel that you still need to have the strongest relationship with your spouse. You were married to your spouse before you had children and you will continue to be married and live with your spouse once your children leave the home. You are NOT married to your children.

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