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Saturday, October 8, 2011


On Friday, we were discussing families that immigrate to the United States. Many people in other countries want their children to get ahead, so they decide to come to the USA. This can be very hard on families for many reasons.

It is very expensive for families to migrate to another area. When families decide to move, one of the most common things that happens is the father goes first. This leaves the mom behind with the children and the support of relatives. This alone can be very frustrating. When there is enough money to move the rest of the family, it is hard to let the father 'rejoin' the family as head of the household.

Another problem can be the language. The children pick up on the second language at school and with friends, while the parents don't learn it as quickly. Often times, the parents will use the children as translators.

Something that can put a strain on these families that come to America is the shift within the home. In the homeland, the father was usually the sole provider. As they come to America, they end up working jobs that don't bring in a lot of money, causing the mom's to work too. This is hard because the whole family has to deal with coming home to a cold house, where the dinner isn't on the stove.

One teenage girl from Mexico said,
The United States . . . I think of it with many dollars but the people are sad. You have everything, but you don't have your family. It's not like in Mexico where you visit with your grandparents and your other relatives. In Mexico, you don't have money but you're much better because you're with your family. I know that my parents do this for our well-being, so we're here. But I think all the people in Mexico are happy because they are with their family. You see, here, it is mostly sadness. I feel like crying instead of feeling good. We used to always be with my family, that's who I miss.
Customs are different within all families. It would be very hard to move to America and to recreate your life in a different environment, but it can be rewarding. Family is always important to me. I agree with the young girl, I would rather be happy with my family than be sad and well-off.

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