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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love and live.

In the world, many people think that if they are in love, they should move in together to test the waters or just because it is convenient. But how do you know you are in love? Do you love your child, spouse, and friends all in the same way? It is so important for people to understand the four different types of love:
  • Eros- romantic, sexual arousal
  • Agape- "Christian" love, you don't know them but you love them
  • Storge- Parent/child love
  • Philia- friendship, brotherly love
It is so important that when you build the foundation for a relationship to build on all of the these types of love. Many people end relationships because the only have eros love.

When we are in love, shouldn't we move in together? There are four common reasons that people move in cohabit:
  • Precursor to marriage- Testing the waters, will get married
  • Co-residential daters- don’t like the single life, roommate
  • Trial marriage- someday to get married, but to someone else
  • Alternative to marriage- don’t want to be married
When people cohabit, they are more likely to get divorced, which is the opposite of them testing the waters. The commitment level is not the same as for people who get married. When you live together, you are not giving your 100% to the other person. When there is no title on the relationship; there isn’t a title in the roles. Others don’t treat you as husband and wife; this makes a chaotic relationship. No one sees it as permanent.

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