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Friday, November 4, 2011

Think it through.

Emotions run high in women. Many people don't think they are having affairs, because they are not in a physical or sexual affair. There are actually four types of affairs. There are sexual affairs, romantic affairs, visual affairs-pornography, and fantasy affair. In an article by Scott Gardner and Christian Greiner, called INFIDELITY: PROTECTING OUR MARRIAGES it states, "It is important to point out that it does not take two people for infidelity to occur. Many times affairs are committed within the mind or heart of a married individual with no other participating party."

At church we were discussing chastity when someone said, "If you have to ask if it is too far, it is probably too far." It is important to teach your children the limits at young ages. Do not beat around the bush with them. Four years are aware of the differences between boys and girls. It is important to teach young children correct terminology and boundaries. Parents need to be active in their children's lives and aware of what they are learning.

The other day I deleted over three hundred friends from Facebook. The reason I did this was because I had many "friends" who I didn't really know, nor did I want to share certain things with them. It has become a problem for people to become connected with "lost loves" both intentionally and accidentally . . . with the same predictable results. A question that was asked on a slide show was, "Would I discuss these topics with this person if it were not so convenient?"

Dr. Laura told a story about fidelity,

"Not long ago, I took a call from a woman who was complaining about her ex-shack-up honey’s girlfriend, (the “homewrecker” as she called her). Here’s the gist of how that call went:

Me: Is this woman someone who took vows of fidelity to you?
Caller: NO
Me: Is this man someone who took vows of fidelity to you?
Caller: NO.
Me: Is this man someone you simply shacked up with without a commitment?
Caller: YES.
Me: Did you decide to create two children in this insecure situation?
Caller: YES
Me: And you’re mad at HER???

While these two situations seem unrelated, they most certainly are related. How? When a person makes foolish decisions and then complains about the most typical, logical and predictable outcome, that is a person totally out of touch with the reality of life. YOU make choices; YOU should be willing to take responsibility for those choices and stop looking and acting as if you are an innocent victim of life’s tidal waves."

Relationships are hard work. They take sacrifice and dedication, with loyalty, love, and intimacy. Teach your children the things that should be taught in the home. It is better for you to teach it to them, than have a child try to teach it the wrong way.

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